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The Haylayers are a band with caller who can make your special night one to remember!

we cover the UK and Europe

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    Nervous about your first dance at your wedding?! We can provide one-to-one dance tuition for your first dance in advance of your wedding.
    All styles covered, for more details email or phone 020 8390 0300

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    email or phone 020 8390 0300
    The Haylayers

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    "but hang on, what is a ceilidh or a barn dance??!"
    It's the ultimate icebreaker! Regardless of age and ability! From English reels to Irish Jigs, from Highland Flings to American Squares, we'll have your party in full swing.
    Listen as our experienced caller guides your every move before the band strikes up a rhythmic foot stomping melody.

    "sounds fab, and does it work at weddings??"
    Most definitely! Check this out:
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    "ok I get it, but how do you get your unique sound??
    The Haylayers has access to a combination of diverse musical talent, refined over years of performing. Rhythmic drum and bass, melodious fiddle and flute and harmonious piano and guitar seemlessly weave together. Drum and bass never sounded so good!
    have a listen: "So you do Irish folk music as well?!
    Yes we have a full set of Irish music that we regularly perform at St Patrick's nights and at other Irish events.

    "oh I see, and how did you guys get together??
    A barn dance was held in Surbiton (Surrey, England) in aid of the charity 'Sequel'. The musicians who played that night decided to start doing regular dances. Having acquired the name "The Haylayers" (it was originally supposed to have been called "The Haymakers"!) the band started to play regularly. The line-up is still the same;
    • caller (who also plays guitar)
    • violin
    • flute (or another violin)
    • piano
    • bass
    • drums
    "Sounds Great! And who are you??
    The Haylayers draw upon a pool of musicians selected for their flexibility, fun-loving nature and, of course, musical talent! Most have been with the band since the "early days" and many have been nurtured over the years... The Haylayers have a core of musicians who play most gigs with other musicians playing when required. The callers used by the Haylayers are members of the band so form an integral part of the Haylayer experience!

    Click here to see all the active Haylayers. Given the requirements of an event the line-up of the band can be varied and always includes guitar, piano and drums as a core rhythm section.

    for more info click here to email The Haylayers
    or use the on-line form

    "And some recommendations??
    ** We were featured in Country Living magazine!! (July 2006) ** "...Local friends lent us their wonderful barn for the occasion where a band called The Haylayers got us swinging, whooping and ?stripping the willow?, and even some of the coolest and shyest of our friends found themselves holding hands with complete strangers and skipping the length of the barn! Others sat outside at tables under the cherry tree and, as the sun went down and the band played Danny Boy, I had a quiet weep."